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Provide best solution for all types of Live Webcast and all type event solutions.

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Established in 2010, Live My Event is a Technology solution provider based at Jaipur in Rajasthan. We offer our services to clients India wide. We are using most modern and unique platform to provide best services in the field of Live Webcasting, Live Streaming and Website Designing. We believe that our services are very useful for organizations in meeting their communication's need.

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Our Technology Advantage

We have pioneered most of the streaming technology that operates our systems today and our capital investments in R&D are in a class by themselves.
Our streaming technology can quickly and seamlessly integrate your content into the global Internet broadcast system.
Streaming media on the Internet is a complex and daunting task requiring complete understanding and careful evaluation of the available technolgies and implementing them in such manner that to our clients it really looks very simple and easy. Our streaming experts are standing by to assist in understanding your options and selecting the best format to deliver your content. Our experts can also guide you through process to ensure your viewers are delivered the best possible streaming media experience. You only have one opportunity to make a great first impression, and our content delivery network will ensure your message is delivered exactly as envisioned.

Webcasting and Live Streaming Services

Webcasting is an interactive platform which enables users to reach their target audience on the spot world wide using one to many broadcasting technology. Using webcasting technology, you can reach to large pool of people with very less cost. Webcasting is nothing, but broadcasting over the Internet.
We at Live My Event are a proven, cost-effective and Internet based service to communicate live with a global audience. Our services are very beneficial for Spiritual Programs, Schools and Colleges Annual Functions, Corporate Seminar and Conferences, Medical Surguries for Training, Annual General Meetings, Sports Activities etc. Webcasting has become an absolutely essential tool for any Business organization to reach its geographically dispersed audience in most cost effective manner. In an age where everybody is short of time and wants instant results, the Web based services save significant Travel time and offer benefits of live, interactive and more engaging video contents which look smart and give the same feel as the original live event.
Our services are technologically most advanced, very easy to deploy, and highly optimized for local Indian conditions.

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