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Video Production on the Go..

Live My Event works on film/video production and has established a reputation for quality and creativity. Based in Jaipur, India, Live My Event serves a diverse range of corporate and entertainment clients across the country.

With complete turnkey capacities in producing TV commercials, corporate films, documentaries, brand promo films or videos of a personal nature, Live My Event offer commitment and prestige. Whether it is to inspire or engage, educate or train, entertain or promote, boost sales or build brands, the team at Live My Event will deliver, communicating, conveying and presenting. From the production in concept, script, storyboard, filming on-location or at the studio, right up to post-production service, the team is confident of meeting every requirement, at every stage.

Live My Event is more than just a corporate video production house. Keeping pace with the latest trends in technology, clients reap the benefits in terms of quality, precision, time and clarity.

-- We Provide you our Best in --

• TV Commercial Production

• Corporate Video Production

• Television Broadcast

• Event Video Production

• Marketing Video Production

• Real Estate video production

• Video production for distance education

• Internet Video Production

• Training Video Production

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